#1 Cat detective Agency: Compulsary Vaccines?

3 Jun

As a lovely pedegree kitty cat I’ve had all my vaccines FIE, Cat Flu etc. etc.

On the news today there is talk of making MMR vacinations compulsary for perkins going to school.

For a full review check out Dr Steve Novellas post on Science Based Medicine

Here are my main kitty thoughts on the matter:

  1. People aren’t vaccinating and dangerous childhood diseases are increasing as we are losing herd immunity.
  2. Some people can’t take vaccines for various reasons but these are usually protected by herd immunity.
  3. The research that caused the media frenzy in the 1990’s about MMR were found to be FRAUDULENT!
  4. There is no proven link between MMR and Autism…so be skeptical over the noise from anti-vax lobbyists.
  5. Kids are getting sick and dying due to parents not vaccinating due to the confusion the media has caused.

So in my kitty opinion…

Yes, people should have the freedom to make choices for their kids but if they want their kids to attend public school, I don’t see the problem with having to have been vaccinated to attend…It protects both them and the other little kids.
If they want to chose to not vaccinate…they can chose to home school!
Yes, parents only want the best for their kids but this is serious now…kids are suffering due to mis-information…we need to get tough to keep the level of public health and safety at a level fitting for the 21st century…not the 19th century!!! Check out the ingredients!  Seriously!???? WRONG WRONG WRONG

Check the pic!  This is the type of stuff that confuses parents and ends in kids getting sick.


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