Farrah, MJ…triad of death?…erm…no.

27 Jun

Everyone knows about the tragic deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson on Thursday just a few hours apart…

Amidst all the gossip is the notion of “bad things come in threes”…

Lets just think about this for a moment…I mean really think about it.

Why would this possibly happen?

If you suggest “celebrities die in threes” are you suggesting:

  • There is some Grim Reaper-esque agent that groups people into threes for collection?
  • That if a celebrity dies it starts some cosmic wheels in motion that leads to another two expiring?

And what are the conditions for these “threes”?

Ed McMahon died on Tuesday which a lot of people are grouping as the three…

  • But what are the time frames?…a day/week/month/hour/year?
  • What counts as celebrity?
  • Can they group into any other “threes”?…race/organisations/ages?

Aren’t there cases of celebrities dying in 1’s,2’s,4’s etc etc…?

I think it all comes down to CONFIRMATION BIAS.

You humans are pattern seeking creatures…

  • remember the times celebrities died in a so called “triad of death”
  • forget the times they don’t
  • create a pattern/linkage/relationship to create a triad

Me and my cat associates don’t give a crap…things happen by coincidence…

Maybe take a few moments to contemplate before asigning patterns to artifacts of time.


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