Jelly Trumps-the price you pay for being a gay.

31 May

As a gay kitty I have to contend with Jelly Trumps…

AKA Flatulence ft. Ejaculate.

Yes, yes, yes, I know it’s not the most pleasant of subjects but it really is a pain in the arse (excuse the terrible double entendre).

It usually strikes a few hours post coitus.  You feel the rumbling, you need to get to your litter tray…It is definitely a litter tray situation.

This is all well and good for me as I’m always near my litter tray…but what if I were a human person who felt the rumblings of a Jelly Trump whilst perhaps driving, in a supermarket, in a business meeting with some clients, giving a presentation to a room full of people?  I’m sure it would be terribly distressing.

What options do people have? Perhaps…

Is there an equally distressing female analogue?


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