Guy in WI: ripping through the lace curtain! (then hemming the edges, maybe a tie back or appliqué detail)

2 Jun

No brushing for me last night as Mykie was off to the Womens’ Institute making things…he can explain:

Why would a man infiltrate an all women group?

  1. To perv on the ladies? Not so much.
  2. To meet women? Half a point for that one.
  3. To get laid? Yes, my nefarious scheme is to cheat on my husband with his mother and all her friends.

So I’m a 20 something atheist man who chose to spend the evening with a group of 50-60 year old, catholic woman making crafts to sell at Christmas.  Hmmm, my point has gone now I’ve seen it written down…

What was I saying?  Oh yes, so I’ve managed to get an invite to the WI Craft Evenings after years of quizzing Mother D on the hardcore world of competitive baking in the WI.  It seems that girls’ claws don’t dull with age…a bit like Wolverine.  I’m not allowed to join WI as I’m not a woman but I can be involved with all the fun(?) activities…most of which are fund raisers as they think they my have to close if they don’t get more money or members.

I’m not some sort of ranting equal rights loser who weaselled his way into WI to prove a point about discrimination or anything.  Neither am I trying to satiate some internal desire to become a post menopausal female.  I just really like it…Is that weird and bad?  I get to spend time with Mother D who is one of my favourite people in the world and have a catch up,  I get an excuse to indulge my jack of all trades/granny craft/learn new skills mentality without adding to the pottery/paintings/scarves/hats/stuffed toys that live in the basement;  It beats flooding the house or setting in on fire through accidental boredom relief (both of which have happened previously).  It is also kind of pleasant to escape from the sex and the city, ipad, gucci loving, cocktail drinking in a bar you are four square mayor of mentality once a month.  Win, win, win.

If there was a similar group for men would I go?  Yes.  Would I prefer it? Possibly.  But there doesn’t seem to be many male based crafty/bakey/talk about the theatre and gardening groups about.  The other option is to do something more in keeping with people my own age/sex/beliefs but it seems a shame not to do something you enjoy based on social pressure.

Would I join WI properly if I was allowed?  No.  I’m not a woman and think it’s good for there to be groups with certain inclusion criteria (is it vagina exclusive or penis excluded?).  With everyone worried about offending people by excluding minorities and not being politically correct things have gone a bit wiggly.  It should still be OK to say “No, this group is for trans-gendered, achondroplasic  raccoons  you can’t come”.  Saying that, does it really matter if some rules get a bit bent?  I think most people would agree that bending the “I will kill you because you ate the last of the nutella” rule is a lot more serious than breaking the “I have a penis so shouldn’t crochet lavender bags with women” rule.

So…I’m still going to go along to the activity groups…next month we are making Christmas decorations,  I’m quietly sticking to secular jigsaw piece foliage contraptions – I think joining a group I probably should be allow to join, then questioning their religious views crosses some sort of line…maybe in a month or two 😉


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