The Lonely LOL…

17 Jun


Should you keep your feelings hidden?!

Whilst the boys were in Belgium, a number of situations arose that caused literal LOLs…were these acceptable or acts of twattery?  Should you stifle a laugh if it seems inappropriate?  Or, is the need to stifle a snigger at someone else’s misfortune the issue regardless of L-ingOL?

Case 1: Dude, where’s my suitcase?

Disembarking from the Eurostar (not as bad as the boys imagined BTW) everyone trundling along with suitcases with the handles like little grandma trolleys…a blokes handle came off his suitcase.  For a second or two he kept walking whilst his suitcase rolled off somewhere, he looked down and realised he was pulling just the handle…

LOL = Mykie 1 | Simon 1

The man glanced around and looked sheepish…he knew he looked like a douche.

Was LOL acceptable?

Case 2:  Anyone for pie?

Lunchtime, after a delicious fish based lunch it was time to indulge in the giant, meringue topped, luxury pâtisserie created, berry and cream tart that everyone had spend lunch complimenting and drooling over…Flemish Flower carefully cut it into slices and carefully carried the plate over to Simon and placed a slice on his plate…you know what happened next, the rest of the giant, meringue topped, luxury pâtisserie created, berry and cream tart…slipped off the plate turned 180° and landed upside down with a big, fat splat on top of the teapot and table (and it was a slatted table so there was a continuing splat, splat as cream and meringue dripped through onto the floor).  Everyone gasped, clutched their pearls except one…

LOL = Mykie 1 | Simon 2

Yes, Simon nearly urinated down his own leg roaring with laughter without even a though of stifling his amusement.

Mykie, whist also extremely amused managed to vaguely disguise his facial contortions into a mixture shock and sympathy…probably not very well (it was fucking funny)!

Was LOL acceptable?

Case 3:  Old man vs Stairs

Old man at station with suitcases.  Flight of stairs.  Whoops!

LOL = Mykie 2 | Simon 2

Was LOL acceptable?

Probably not, and Mykie did feel really bad.  Especially when Mr Old Man lay moaning and twitching.

Is injury the cut off for a LOL being in bad taste?  Is it really all fun until someone loses an eye?

I thought this may be the case until I remembered a rough boat trip in Boston and a one armed man trying to negotiate a sick bag.

Less dichotomy more continuum of inappropriate reaction.


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