The Loose Papoose: crime or confidence?

4 Jul

It’s summer!  There is sun and everything!  I’ve found a great spot on the sofa that I can stretch out on and relax in the heat.  It’s not all fun in the sun though…

Rubenesque (or to be rather less complimentary…morbidly obese) ladies overexposing large amounts of flesh.

According to Gok (who has fallen totally off my “people I’d like to meet” list and ended up on my “people I would like to erase from history” list) we should all be body confident, we can all look good naked, love yourself yadda yadda yadda… But there have been a number of time this week when a larger framed lady has walked by “shaking her jelly” inspiring audible gasps from either the people I’m with or more amusingly other random people on the street.

The gasp-o-meter appears to indicate that, in general, people aren’t thinking “Go girl, love yourself and be proud of what Jebus and a mountain of cakes gave you!”.  But should we?

I think self-confidence is a wondrous thing that everyone should develop in spades and do their utmost to shovel in other peoples direction…but does self-confidence excuse sartorial inappropriateness?  Where are the friends/relatives to offer a subtle suggestion (or loose fitting top in a light weight fabric that doesn’t expose reams of stretch-mark afflicted stomach)?

I really am torn on this one.  Living with Mykie who can be a bit of a sartorial line-walker, I understand that people should be able to do what they want, wear what they want, roller-skate whilst menstruating…but is there or should there be a limit?


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