T-Birds and Pink Ladies

12 Jul

My cat brain doesn’t quite get the LGBT aggregate.  I know each have various support groups and other avenues for information but as a gay kitty, whilst I can relate to the issues of other gay kitties, lesbian kitties and bisexual kitties…trans kitties surely have many more issues that are a total mystery to me.  Is trans even totally related to sexuality?

Kids and puppies…both can be a handful and in many areas parents and dog owners have to cope with the same shit…often literally.  Both get brought home and have to get used to a whole new life ahead of them.  Both go for vaccinations, schooling, potty training; both need to be taught right from wrong, both need love and hugs…both can be left in a cage over night with a bowl of food and water…

Some people compare raising children and dog ownership but they aren’t really analogous.  Yes, in the beginning there are similar problems to be faced, getting used to a new environment and becoming comfortable with different situations, both require support and people to keep them happy and healthy.  But then things change.  Puppies become dogs and can generally fend for themselves.  They know what time they will get some meat, they know the best ways to get a belly rub, they know they can get away with sniffing a crotch or two…Kids I think, require a lot more work.  There is the long drawn out years of schooling, learning to fit into social situations, learning which kids will beat you up and which can be trusted.  Then there’s puberty, getting used to body changes and new feelings, getting comfortable with the new you…  By this time, little puppy is probably on it’s last legs and has lead a long happy life being a bouncy doggy…still a lot of growing up for the kid.

The boys get the luxury of being happy, married gays.  No issues or problems, they just get on with there lives…not pointing or abuse (well not much).  Whilst the boys could give advice or a shoulder to cry on to their gay/lesbian/bi friends could they relate or offer advice to a trans person?  What could they say about hormone injections or surgery or living like another person or dealing with ridicule or abuse (apart from travelling on the Metro!).  This is why I don’t understand why LGBT is all put together.  Boys like boys.  Girls like girls.  Boys/Girls like Boys and Girls.  Is who you are attracted to the major issue for T people?

Sticking LGBT together seems as insane to me as combining the RSPCA and NSPCC.  I don’t think LGB people have any sort of idea how to offer support or relate to the issues of Ts.  What I am going to do is tell the boys off for giggling to each other and whispering “tranny-alert” every time they drive past a T not really passing for the opposite sex.  They also need to stop committing the “fake tits fallacy” as I’m sure they pass many without noticing.

My little brain and kitty paws may not have bestowed me with the eloquence to articulate my point with clarity…I hope people take this in the spirit in which it was written.


One Response to “T-Birds and Pink Ladies”

  1. me July 12, 2010 at 4:39 pm #

    there’s some common ground with gender stuff – butch women being seen as male, femme men treated as female and so forth …

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