Nº1 Cat Detective Agency: Alcohol and Hangovers-the more is less hypothesis.

15 Jul

When Mykie goes out to play and has a drink or twelve one of two things happen:

  • He drinks stupid amounts then drinks water
  • He drinks stupid amounts then drinks more

The day after one of two things occurs:

  • Hangover death righting off the whole of the next day
  • Pass out, have a superb nights sleep and wake up fully refreshed and tidy the house

Nº1 Cat Detective Agency is going to test the possibility that maybe the lack of hangover is due to still being drunk the next day.  Hangover then doesn’t rear it’s ugly head as Mykie’s up, hydrating and moving so easing himself back to sobriety. We will call this the “more is less hypothesis”.

Nº1 Cat Detective Agency is also interested reducing the probability of damage to belongings.  Some nights all is fine; Taxi ride is pleasant etc….other nights Mykie’s a tad queasy and discretely vomits (whist in a taxi) in a Vivienne Westwood leather man-bag or maybe a coat pocket (He is the epitome of elegance and class).  We will label this the “you dirty fucking tramp” inquest.

Ideally it would be good to find a way of drinking, avoiding a hangover and avoiding the destruction of the precious things…We are not factoring liver damage into the equation as it is soon going to work out cheaper to buy a liver on the black market than to replace the accessories that are destroyed.

So this weekend is Trial 1:

  • Drink then drink some more
  • Test level of intoxication next morning via comedy “nose touching/line walking” scenario
  • Rate level of hangover (from 1 to “oh god! why?!?!”)
  • Examine belongings for signs of debauch behaviour

We are hypothesising that Mykie will either escape hangover but blow chunks in the Gucci, or, have accessories intact but the mother of all hangovers.

Cheers to a well thought out experiment (?)


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