No Skeptical Testicles

28 Jul

I’m quite a mild mannered kitty.  I don’t have to run into that many people so confrontation is a rare occurrence for me…If a situation does present itself (remembering the time when Elmer J. Fudd came to visit… DAEMON!)  I generally run away…Mykie is the same…we are a pair of confrontational cowards…

I class myself as a member of the skeptical movement.  Recently there has been talk about being polite and respectful to others.  Well that’s not a problem for me as I’m so ridiculously confrontation averse.

Ever since we moved to our current residence we have had sporadic visits from Mary from Watchtower (one of the consequences of living down the road from Kingdom Hall Of Jehovah’s Witnesses).  At first she was an amusing distraction from “decorating phase 1”, I describe myself as an atheist so thought it would be interesting to invite her in and have a discussion…BIG MISTAKE.

Her general natter was about interpreting the Bible and how we are really close to the second coming of Jesus…did I ask anything I wanted to “so, you mention that severe weather events are occurring and countries are warring upon each other, but hasn’t this happened before?  What evidence is there that it means this point in time?” or something witty “Jesus is coming soon?  Next Thursday? Shall I leave a space for him at the wedding?  Will he be bringing a plus one?”  No…What actually happened is that I nodded and uttered non-committal garbage “that’s interesting…is that true?…blah blah”.  She is a really nice lady and she was really excited to get an invite in from a “young person”…I couldn’t bring myself to bring a dark cloud over her day…even if she was the one actively approaching people to push her beliefs.

The next time Mary called I was on my way to work so when she asked to come in I told her I hadn’t the time and hadn’t really gave things much thought…some how she managed to bring up the subject of my ethnicity and said next time she’d bring her Cantonese speaking friend…I really didn’t want another visit but pussy-arsed me replied “oh, that would be nice”…I was hoping I’d not be in every time she tried to call.

Unlucky for me I was caught by Mary again with her friend Miriam…My father is Chinese so I look slightly oriental but that’s the limit to my Eastern connections…unless Miriam wanted to take my food order, hear me count to 10 or be wished “Happy New Year” we weren’t going to have much to discuss in Cantonese.  I didn’t want to have a bible debate as I was in Bridezilla mode; I told them I was busy getting final wedding plans sorted.  I thought I had seen the last of them when they asked what my new bride was called and I replied “Simon”…but no…straight after honeymoon they came knocking…I got rid of them by hiding in the basement…told you…no skepti-balls here!

I’ve recently seen Mary walking the streets on my way to work and am dreading another call…I would like to have a real discussion with her and it would probably do me a world of good to practice disagreeing with someone and questioning their evidence…

Where do I start?  How can I be my usual polite, non-confrontational self but still state my points with conviction?


2 Responses to “No Skeptical Testicles”

  1. Dan July 29, 2010 at 10:25 pm #

    I know what you mean, when I find myself in similar situations I usually just kind of bumble through non confrontationally, then once they are gone think of all the perfect water tight arguments I should have brought up!

    Although sometimes I go the other way and got into great big heated arguments about alternative medicine when it is really not appropriate, and I barely know the person!

    In summary, its tough!
    Dan 29 x

    • mrmykie July 29, 2010 at 10:40 pm #

      Phew! I’m not the only one who struggles!
      I’ve never actually gotten into a heated debate with anyone…except with my sister when playing Thundercats (we both wanted to be Cheetara).
      Giggled a lot this morning listening to the Woman chapter of Flat 29…kudos!

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