Rather pervert than plebeian.

12 Aug

It’s amusing what people get worked up over when it comes to the opinions of others…

I’m distinctive enough that it’s obvious I’m a pedigree cat…I would be mortified if someone thought otherwise.  Sometimes my beautiful fluffiness poses a problem;  When I am in need of a day in the cat spa, I am prone to the occasional “Poo Berry”…another mortifying experience, especially if we have company over.

If I had to chose I would rather be caught with a collection of faecal ornaments than be labelled a “common street mog”.

I was sat in a waiting room the other day and I was getting a little bored.  The room was empty, no one to people-watch or make up an imaginary life for;  No box of toys, no multi-coloured, mutilated abacus…not even a magazine.  The only thing in the room that could serve as a distraction was a copy of The Sun (damn you white iphone 4, my patience is wearing thin).  So I had a browse…

A quite respectable looking lady came into the room.  She looked around for a seat, she noticed me sitting there, her eyes fell to my paper and she gave me a look of disgust!  The old whore! Judging me on my reading material!  Did she not see there was nothing else to read?  How dare she look down on me as a “tabloid twat” she doesn’t know me!

Quietly seething, I returned to reading whatever “article” I had been perusing…It was then I noticed that the opposite page had a giant picture of a young lady exposing her generously proportioned bosoms.  I was quietly relieved!  She didn’t judge me as a low-brow ignoramus, she thought I was a pervert!  I then realised I had been fidgeting on my chair as my cowboy themed undergarments have an annoying seam that results in regular adjustments to seating position being made.  In the eyes of the woman, she had walked in on a young man looking at breasts and squirming on his seat…no wonder she was offended.

It had never occurred to me before that I must mentally rank aspects people judge me by.  Think I’m a pervert quietly pleasuring myself over a woman of easy virtue in a newspaper? I have no problem with that…Think I’m reading and enjoying The Sun out of choice?  I feel a strong urge to stand up and explain the situation.

I don’t think Mykie has realised she was probably thinking both…I wonder what ranks top of the judgement list?


2 Responses to “Rather pervert than plebeian.”

  1. Coley J Moley August 13, 2010 at 3:33 pm #

    You likey the tattas!

    • mrmykie August 13, 2010 at 4:59 pm #

      Not really…I don’t understand how they don’t get in the way all the time…especially the great big ones.

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