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Everyone (well, a fair few) loves the gays!!

29 Jun

The Times has commissioned an opinion poll to mark the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots


  • accept a child coming out: 41%
  • reject a gay child: 9% (boo! hiss!)
  • upset but would try to come to terms with it: 45%



  • Support gay marriage (not just civil partnership): 61%
  • Back equal adoption rights: 49%
  • Full equal rights: 68%
  • Gay relationships taught in school as equal to hetero: 51%
  • Men who have had a sexual encounter with another man: 4% (welcome to the dark side! grab a Bellini and pull up a le corbusier)


Times are changing! People are realising that you can’t expect nice bars, trendy bistros, organic cafes, shopping partners, fashion critique, bitching buddies, dancing queens…AND HATE THE GAYS!


#1 Cat Detective Agency

6 Jun

Big Brother


This is the one and only BB post…

We will not be watching…as much as we try and tell ourselves we are watching a social experiment and it’s interesting from a psychological view point…THIS IS A LIE!

It is just trashy awful voyeuristic garbage…narcissistic morons doing anything they can to get famous.

It’s like giving a group of chimps loaded pistols…you know it’ll be messy but you sort of want to watch what happens…


If you can sit and watch BB you can quite easily turn over/go for a run/research something/bake a cake/bath a cat…

There are many more worthwhile things…

So let’s make a stand…if you find yourself sucked in…force yourself to do something more meaningful with your time!


2 Jun

Crack open a can o’ grog!  Our favourite pirate is back!!

Mr Threepwood is back in a FIVE PART ADVENTURE that is released this July!

There is also a remake of SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND with all new HD graphics!

I can’t wait to “<use> meat <with> deadly pirahna poodles”!

You fight like a dairy farmer.
How appropriate. You fight like a cow.

I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

#1 Cat Detective Agency: Drink of choice!

1 Jun

The weather is so hot!!!

My beverage of choice to cool me down is…

STARBUCKS: Venti Espresso Light Frappe (2x shot)

Espresso Frappuccino® Light Blended Coffee

Starbucks® coffees combined with a shot of our signature Espresso Roast® espresso and milk, blended with ice, just with fewer calories.



Serving Size 24 fl. oz.
  Amt Per Serving
Calories  150
Fat Calories  5
Total Fat (g)  1
Saturated Fat (g)  0
Trans Fat (g)  0
Cholesterol (mg)  0
Sodium (mg)  260
Total Carbohydrates (g)  28
Fiber (g)  3
Sugars (g)  18
Protein (g)  6
Vitamin A  0%
Vitamin C  0%
Calcium  15%
Iron  0%
Caffeine (mg)  160


Buzzy coffee goodness, cool icy refreshing, 150 Kcal!!!!!!!


The Ida Show

26 May

That Ida gal was cute…but not as cute as me!

Moving away from all the blog-noise about “over-hype”, “distorting science” and “inadequate cladistic comparitives”, the show was really cool!

There were some AMAZING CGIs of the fossil and the show had a good sense of drama.

But what I liked the most was they really brought little Ida alive.  I could imagine her scrabbling up a tree in my garden…or not since the poor ‘ikkle thing broke her wrist.

I shed a kitty tear at the thought of her sinking down into the muddy depths.

So…maybe they did over-hype and bend the science a little…I think the show will have got loads of kids, adults and kitties really interested in evolution, biology, zoology, paeleontology and lots more ‘ologies.

Showing how cool science is = good, good, good!

#1 Cat Detective Agency: Twilight

25 May

Really?  Everyone told me it was so good!

The boys hired Twilight so I thought I’d watch it from my kitty climber.

Sweet Jebus!  It’s terrible!  I was expecting Wampires and blood and action and stuff…instead I got the Dawsons Creek of horror movies.

I really wouldn’t even class it as a Wampire movie…It’s just a hormone fest for teenage girls.

I should have realised it wasn’t going to set my world alight when the front cover stated

“Mindblowing!” Sugar Magazine

After the first 20 minutes I thought my brain was going to explode…I don’t think that’s what Sugar meant though.

Feline o’ the week

22 May

Felis Catus

I think I am a shining example of my species!

Cats have always been a source of fascination for mankind throughout history. Today cats have become one of the world’s most popular pets perfectly suited to the lifestyle of our day. They are beautiful, enigmatic and easy-to-care for pets. But where and when did the domestic cat originate? This page will give you some insight into this question.

It has been about 4000 years since the first cats were domesticated. The Ancient Egyptians were the first to keep and use cats to control vermin and other pests to protect stores of food. In Ancient Egypt, the cat was revered as a hunter and worshiped as gods and goddesses. The ancient Egyptians imposed the death penalty for killing cats and cats were also mummified before being buried.

Other ancient civilisations later began to domesticate the cat and took tame felines to Italy where they slowly spread around Europe. Eventually, they arrived in the New World with the Pilgrims. The shorthaired domestic cat spread across the world from Egypt while longhaired cats came later from Turkey and Iran. The domestic cat also spread from India to China and Japan.

Except for a short period of persecution in the Middle Ages when cats were associated with the devil, by the eighteenth century cats had become popular household pets world wide.

The wild cats of today such as Lions and Tigers descended from early carnivores called miacids. From there the modern wild cat developed into three main types; the European wild cat, the African wild cat and the Asiatic desert cat. The domestic cat is thought to have evolved from the African wild cat because of its tabby markings.


Look how pretty I am!


But I still keep it real…I’m an action cat!