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No Skeptical Testicles

28 Jul

I’m quite a mild mannered kitty.  I don’t have to run into that many people so confrontation is a rare occurrence for me…If a situation does present itself (remembering the time when Elmer J. Fudd came to visit… DAEMON!)  I generally run away…Mykie is the same…we are a pair of confrontational cowards…

I class myself as a member of the skeptical movement.  Recently there has been talk about being polite and respectful to others.  Well that’s not a problem for me as I’m so ridiculously confrontation averse.

Ever since we moved to our current residence we have had sporadic visits from Mary from Watchtower (one of the consequences of living down the road from Kingdom Hall Of Jehovah’s Witnesses).  At first she was an amusing distraction from “decorating phase 1”, I describe myself as an atheist so thought it would be interesting to invite her in and have a discussion…BIG MISTAKE.

Her general natter was about interpreting the Bible and how we are really close to the second coming of Jesus…did I ask anything I wanted to “so, you mention that severe weather events are occurring and countries are warring upon each other, but hasn’t this happened before?  What evidence is there that it means this point in time?” or something witty “Jesus is coming soon?  Next Thursday? Shall I leave a space for him at the wedding?  Will he be bringing a plus one?”  No…What actually happened is that I nodded and uttered non-committal garbage “that’s interesting…is that true?…blah blah”.  She is a really nice lady and she was really excited to get an invite in from a “young person”…I couldn’t bring myself to bring a dark cloud over her day…even if she was the one actively approaching people to push her beliefs.

The next time Mary called I was on my way to work so when she asked to come in I told her I hadn’t the time and hadn’t really gave things much thought…some how she managed to bring up the subject of my ethnicity and said next time she’d bring her Cantonese speaking friend…I really didn’t want another visit but pussy-arsed me replied “oh, that would be nice”…I was hoping I’d not be in every time she tried to call.

Unlucky for me I was caught by Mary again with her friend Miriam…My father is Chinese so I look slightly oriental but that’s the limit to my Eastern connections…unless Miriam wanted to take my food order, hear me count to 10 or be wished “Happy New Year” we weren’t going to have much to discuss in Cantonese.  I didn’t want to have a bible debate as I was in Bridezilla mode; I told them I was busy getting final wedding plans sorted.  I thought I had seen the last of them when they asked what my new bride was called and I replied “Simon”…but no…straight after honeymoon they came knocking…I got rid of them by hiding in the basement…told you…no skepti-balls here!

I’ve recently seen Mary walking the streets on my way to work and am dreading another call…I would like to have a real discussion with her and it would probably do me a world of good to practice disagreeing with someone and questioning their evidence…

Where do I start?  How can I be my usual polite, non-confrontational self but still state my points with conviction?


Hypocrite House: if you aren’t completely stalwart in following your beliefs, are you a big dirty hypocrite?

6 Jun

I’m concerned that I have been adopted by a pair of big, dirty hypocrites!  Mykie in particular can be a bit ranty about things but then every now and again will bend/totally break his own rules!

Is he a big dirty hypocrite, or is there a continuum of conviction?

Case 1

The Duchy Disaster

We like the royal family in our house as a bit of pomp and circumstance is rather fun!  We are not however fans of alternative medicine, detox potions, unregulated herbal remedies etc. etc.  We therefore try not to support organisations that promote them…enter the Duchy Dilemma.

Duchy Originals established by HRH Prince Charlie sells Herbal Detox Tinctures (the Quackometer wrote a piece on it).  So, we really shouldn’t support or buy Duchy Original products anymore…but their Lemon Curd is fucking divine!  Better than home-made, better than any other brand we’ve tried (and we tried a lot to reconcile the situation)!

So, we not longer buy Duchy Original products (which we used to buy a lot of as they really, really taste amazing) BUT we will continue to buy their Lemon Curd as it is underwear-moisteningly  good…Hypocritical???

Case: the second

Organic Super Comfort

We don’t do organic in our house as it’s seems to be less efficient and a successful example of fear marketing (a pile of info about it is on The Skeptic’s dictionary).  Mykie is currently weaning himself off free-range, organic eggs as he thinks his observation that they make better cakes is probably conformation bias (but a marvellous excuse to eat curdled, uncooked cake mix when using those awful non-organic eggs).

All well and good until…Mykie found the comfiest, softest, like walking around in pyjamas jeans he had ever seen (they were also his size which is miraculous as he is a homunculus)!  They were however, 100% organic cotton.  He doesn’t think for a minute that the softness, sleep in your jeans properties have anything to do with the organic cotton, did he put his money where his mouth is? Did he fuck, he put his money in the hand of the shop lady and he is wearing them now as I type.

Sticking with the organic, we needed spring onions but the only ones Waitrose had were organic…we weren’t going to leave without any (what is a salad without a scallion?  It’s a small pile of leaves with bits in) so we got the organic ones.

On a scale of 1-fucking douche where do we fall with organic things?

Case III

Molton Madness?

We know that cosmetics claims and beauty product claims are for the most part hilarious piffle (who doesn’t have “touchably soft hair”?).  Just Skeptics talk about some beauty things in episode 3.  This should lead us to:

No real evidence = No wasting money on expensive toiletries

somehow in our house we get:

No real evidence = Spend a fortune at Molton Brown

Mykie’s justification is that we don’t buy them for any claims they make they just smell really, really delightful, everything matches and a gal needs a touch of the luxe to cope with the stresses of middle class suburbia!

and the nominations for hypocritical douche of the year are…

In our house I think we resolve the cognitive dissonance with lame arse excuses to decide which beliefs are fine to bend a little to suit our own selfish little wants.  It maybe reductio ad absurdum but I’m sure there aren’t many people concerned with reducing carbon footprints who are holidaying in Blackpool from now on…Can we not use the same argument with these examples; or do we need to try a bit harder??

CURRENT SOLAR SYSTEM-Astrologers, stick that up Uranus!

7 Jul

The Solar System has gone few a few changes in the last few years…additions, re-classifications and so on…

I thought I’d give a little overview…









  • EARTH-1 moon

  • MARS-2 moons (demios, phobos)


  • JUPITER-63 moons (largest are Ganymede, Callisto, Io and Europa)

  • SATURN-60 moons (Titan and Enceladus are geologically active)

  • URANUS-27 moons (largest are Titania, Oberon, Umbriel, Ariel and Miranda)

  • NEPTUNE-13 moons (The largest, Triton, is geologically active)



(farther out than Neptune)

  • PLUTO-1 moon (Charon), 2 moons orbit both Pluto and Charon (Nix, Hydra)

  • HAUMEA-egg shaped-2 moons (Hi’iaka, Namaka)


  • ERIS-1 moon (dysnomia)


Asteroid Belt

(between inner and outer planets)




With all this stuff going on…how can astrologers possibly use the planets to predict anything?…my feline intuition suspects maybe it’s all just made up.

When astrologers tried previously to account for changes in the known solar system (the hypothesised planet VULCAN) and asigned influences preempting a discovery…

WHOOPS! Vulcan didn’t exist…I bet they felt silly!

Farrah, MJ…triad of death?…erm…no.

27 Jun

Everyone knows about the tragic deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson on Thursday just a few hours apart…

Amidst all the gossip is the notion of “bad things come in threes”…

Lets just think about this for a moment…I mean really think about it.

Why would this possibly happen?

If you suggest “celebrities die in threes” are you suggesting:

  • There is some Grim Reaper-esque agent that groups people into threes for collection?
  • That if a celebrity dies it starts some cosmic wheels in motion that leads to another two expiring?

And what are the conditions for these “threes”?

Ed McMahon died on Tuesday which a lot of people are grouping as the three…

  • But what are the time frames?…a day/week/month/hour/year?
  • What counts as celebrity?
  • Can they group into any other “threes”?…race/organisations/ages?

Aren’t there cases of celebrities dying in 1’s,2’s,4’s etc etc…?

I think it all comes down to CONFIRMATION BIAS.

You humans are pattern seeking creatures…

  • remember the times celebrities died in a so called “triad of death”
  • forget the times they don’t
  • create a pattern/linkage/relationship to create a triad

Me and my cat associates don’t give a crap…things happen by coincidence…

Maybe take a few moments to contemplate before asigning patterns to artifacts of time.

#1CDA: I thought you exorcised gay demons with a big poking stick?!

25 Jun


This is disturbing and wierd and not even close to funny…

The video is of a report of the Manifested Glory Ministries performing an exorcism on a poor gay kid.

The most disturbing thing to me is that these people think they are doing the boy some good!

Things like this make me a sad, sad kitty.


23 Jun

Ok…have a quick peek at this video…

You know he’s talking a big pile of crazy…but can you put your finger on why?

(I’m not even going to mention all the unintentional sexual innuendo!)

To give you a hand trying to pin down the logical fallacies, take a look here.


For more banana related goodness…



#1 Cat Detective Agency: Grim Reaper…he’s coming!

11 Jun

Woman who missed flight 447…dies in a car crash!

I guess when your time is up…your time is up!!

Found this story out from Nicksy!

Oh dear! A woman and her husband missed the Air France flight because they arrived late at Rio de Janeiro Airport…I bet they breathed a sigh of relief as all 228 people on the flight died.

Phew…wipe brow…guardian angel…blah blah!

They caught a later flight back to Europe…and crashed their car into a truck!…She died…husband seriously injured.

No angels, no cosmic looky after higher power…just unlucky coincidences!

Sad story but shows that if God exists…he has an awful sense of humour!