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Review time-Dominion

4 Jun

Simy as the king of all things game related has reviewed a board game for me…We played over the weekend with Mr Adam.  Simy is the only once qualified enough to offer anything more than “oh it’s a nice fun game” as he has all the games.


by Rio Grande Games

If you’re one of the many people weened away from rainy afternoons playing cluedo, monopoly (and the extended verion of nothining-else-to-do-so-keep-playing-after-you’re-bankrupt monopoly) and taken your first faltering steps into the wider world of boardgames dipping your toe into the resource development of Settlers of Catan or Carcassonne, then Dominion may be your next step into the darker recesses of proper gaming.

See, if you’re already a gaming nerd it’s simple to explain: you build your deck like in Magic: The Gathering but do it as part of the game itself and compete for points. If you’re not a nerd, well….it’s a card game, where each round you purchase cards that form your own playing deck-each turn your draw cards from this personal playing deck to purchase more cards and ultimately buy the all important resource cards.

Now what makes the game’s replay level really high is that the cards you can purchase each game can be varied, the basic boxed set comes with enough choice and expansions add more. It’s pretty awesome as an overall game, and really shows with simple rules and the classic easy to learn difficult to master tag-line how far boardgames have come- chuck out your Game of Life and join the modern boardgame gang.

Improvements? 10 or so games in it’s… well its fantastic, but it’s still hard to see how much the balance between the choices you make in selecting your cards for your deck influence the result- extreme deck design (ala Magic) is brilliant (more often awful), do the nuances of your middle-of-the-road choice make a difference? Time will tell.


Design  10

Social     8

Replay  10

Overall 9.3