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No Pay for Gay?

8 Jul

Well I’m relaxing at Grandma and Grandpa’s house as I can’t face the thought of living in the mess that is the half decorated house.  The boys went out over the weekend and even though they got a little tipsy they noticed something odd…

Drinky, drinky, dancy, dancy was the order of the day.  After drinks at Mr Moxley’s we wondered out and for better or worse decided to check out New York, New York (due to varying reasons not allowing everyone to get into Thompsons or Tribecca…not good).  The strange thing was you had to pay to get in if you weren’t gay!

How exactly do they enforce this?  Do you have to give a demonstration if they are unsure you are queer?  What if you are bi?  Do you get in half price?  We just sauntered (stumbled) in without a problem…our gayness must be visible from space.

Is this discrimination?  Is this equivalent to a “ladies get in free” evening you see in dirty looking, small town pubs populated by fat, male, double-baggers?   Or is it like letting Black, Asian or Oriental customers in for free?

The most amusing thing was how blatant the bouncers were.  Even Thompsons manages to display a modicum of subtlety with their “no heels” policy.

Bars and Clubs obviously have a certain clientèle they are aiming for.  A BDSM club probably wouldn’t be an enjoyable night out for the women of Warrington WI and I would understand if they were turned away…

How far can an establishment go before they are being illegally discriminatory?


What am I meant to do? Use my penis as a weapon?

20 Jun

Poor Mykie was away again with work last week.  He was staying in the worst Marriott he has ever stayed in and the worst hotel he’s stayed in for a good long while.

Anyways, this isn’t a slag off the hotel post…

When he checked in (after having reservations for two weeks) the snarky faggot of a receptionist was all “Oh, I’m sorry Mr Leong, we don’t have your reservation.  We have one room available but we have to advise you that the balcony door doesn’t lock. We couldn’t put a woman in there but a man should be fine.  You’re on the first floor, you should be OK”.

Besides the ineptitude of losing my booking…WHY WOULD I BE ANY MORE SAFE IF A NE’ER-DO-WELL CLIMBED THE TWO FOOT RAIL (First floor my arse) TO MY BALCONY THAN A WOMAN?

Hello three sleepless nights involving barricading the balcony with anything not nailed to the floor and sleeping with shoes to use as shuriken.

Is this some kind of sexism or discrimination?  Has feminism come so far that it is poor little gay boys that suffer?  Is advising a man that he room is open to the public enough to prevent a lawsuit?