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The Ida Show

26 May

That Ida gal was cute…but not as cute as me!

Moving away from all the blog-noise about “over-hype”, “distorting science” and “inadequate cladistic comparitives”, the show was really cool!

There were some AMAZING CGIs of the fossil and the show had a good sense of drama.

But what I liked the most was they really brought little Ida alive.  I could imagine her scrabbling up a tree in my garden…or not since the poor ‘ikkle thing broke her wrist.

I shed a kitty tear at the thought of her sinking down into the muddy depths.

So…maybe they did over-hype and bend the science a little…I think the show will have got loads of kids, adults and kitties really interested in evolution, biology, zoology, paeleontology and lots more ‘ologies.

Showing how cool science is = good, good, good!