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Comedy of errors

2 Aug

I try to avoid publishing personal stories with no real point to them…who really cares after all?  I’ve made an exception for the events of Sunday which I think are worthy of a few lines…

So, it was my aunt and uncles 25th wedding anniversary and next week will be my parents 30th wedding anniversary.  My lovely auntie Cath decided to surprise them all with a big family meal, about thirty people or so, with both couples thinking they were going for an intimate meal for no real reason with just my auntie Cath.

Master Plan=Get to Chinese restaurant in Liverpool before my parents ready for the big surprise.

Task=Pick up younger sister from parents house without parents knowing about 30 minutes before they leave.

Sounds simple enough, but we didn’t account for my fathers need to be early for everything.  Little sister text to say “circle the road! they are leaving right now”. We passed my parents as they exited their junction…we ducked…did they see us?

Modified Plan=Get sister in car then somehow overtake parents to arrive before them for the big surprise.

This seemed to be going well, we drove fast there was no sign of them…until…we realised they were the car in front of us turning into the restaurant resulting in more ducking whist driving.  Somehow they didn’t notice us; as as they turned left into the car park we turned right, we zoomed to the bottom and parked…phew!

Little sister screamed, we all ducked, parents had circled the car park and were now parking facing our car just one car over…the jig was up!  After a couple of minutes of hysterical giggling and hiding on the floor of the car we gave up and the surprise was ruined.

I know what you are thinking, so what? Not a great story…

My aunt Cath had ordered cakes for both couples to be presented at the end of the meal.  She ordered them from a lovely Chinese bakery called Wong Wong’s…

Wong Wong got it wrong wrong…

Accompanied by birthday music and a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday To You”!

Music, singing, even a big sparkly candle…Sunday was spent at what amounted to my parents joint 30th birthday party.  Very surreal when their offspring are 28, 26 and 22!

Silver lining=Mother was very happy as she received this cake less than six months ago…

So that is the tale of Sundays surprising surprise that never was.