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#1 Cat Detective Agency: Jenny McCrazy and Autism

24 May

Ok…Jenny McCarthy has an autistic son…she wants to find the cause…

I fully understand this…If I had kittens and they were sick I would try and find out why as well.

But…she has been shown again and again by scientists and shown studies that show no proven link between autism and vaccines…

So…is she really trying to find a cause for autism…or is she just acting like a rabid dog with a bone?

Just listen to her in this video

My favourite quote is “Autism is not primarily a genetic disorder, but caused by vaccine-related toxins (including mercury, aluminum, ether, anti-freeze ,and human aborted fetal tissue) and pesticides.”



As quoted by many she demonstrates “the arrogance of ignorance”.

I’m a cat and even I can see she’s not really down with this science thing.


Between a rock and a…drunk bloody place.

20 May

Mykie and Simon were telling me about their escapades on Saturday night going to D&Ds Eurovision party.

They waited for a tram in the rain…bad>The tram had drunken, singy, shouty sports fans at one end…avoid> They went to the other end and sat down…phew> They were sat next to a man on the phone with a bottle of cheep red in his hand, bleeding from the head and shouting F***ing nigger down the phone over and over…Panic!

How are my humans supposed to publically transport themselves places when the trams are full of scary, dangerous people??!!!

I’m glad I just stay in the house 😉